• PIARC Technical Committees (TC) bring experts from the road and transport fields including road safety and design, network operations and maintenance, finance and governance, together.
  • Experts are nominated for a four years period to work on issues identified under the Associations’ Strategic Plan, a key directions document endorsed by PIARC member countries.
  • Technical Committees allow participants the access to global information and expertise, along with professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Technical Committees are tasked with producing reports on best practice and recommendations in their respective fields thereby assisting decision makers, road engineers and research engineers. They play an active role in the preparation of the World Road Congresses.
  • Technical Committees consist of distinguished engineers and experts appointed by member countries. They meet on average twice a year between Congresses allowing them to discuss and report on their work programme.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 – 2023

The Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 sets the organization structure of the Technical Committees according to four Strategic Themes. Indicated are the Technical Committees with Swiss participation.

More information about the Technical Committees can be found here.